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February 18, 2018
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Facility Rules


1)    ALL RIDERS MUST WEAR THE FOLLOWING SAFETY GEAR WHILE RIDING: DOT approved helmet, boots and goggles. 
2)     Be sure you fully understand the direction of the track you are riding on.
3)   Enter and exit the tracks at the designated areas ONLY.

Parents please help us keep the pits/parking areas as safe as we can.  First gear (idle speed, 5 miles per hour) in the pit/parking aera.  We do not allow fast or aggressive riding in the pits or parking aera.  DO NOT BREAK THIS RULE.

     First Time: Warning.

     Second Time: $10.00 fine.

     Third Time: You will be ask to leave the park with no refund. 

5)   No reckless riding on or off the track. Be courteous to other riders.
6)   No riders on tracks that are being maintained or watered.
7)   No alcohol allowed if you are riding any type of motorized vehicle.
8)   No spectators are allowed on the tracks. You are not allowed to stand/sit on or cross any part of the track without permission from a track manager 
9)   PARENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: It is your responsibility as a parent to be aware of your childs where abouts at our facility as well and their behavior. It is your responsibility to insure that your children adhere to all the rules at this facility.
10)   Flags: Please obey all flaggers. No jumping or passing is allowed on a yellow flag.
11)   NO PROFANITY, this is a family environment and children are present.
12)   Never ride above your ability. Riding within your means and ability is your responsibility.
13)   Do not go through open or closed gates inside the property. Riding outside of designated areas is strictly forbidden.
14)   NO firearms allowed.
15)   Please do not park on the road.
16)   Angel Ridge Race Park reserves the right to refuse service to ANYONE. By entering the property, you are assuming personal responsibility for your own actions. Angel Ridge Race Park is not liable for personal injury, death, lost, damaged or stolen property.

 Action sports are dangerous. You may be injured or even killed by participating or watching action sports at Angel Ridge Race Park. 


Angel Ridge Race Park offers motorcross riding, fishing, camping and more. It is our goal to provide a fun place to bring your family. Angel Ridge Race Park is here for enjoyment and entertainment. For the safety of all our customers, we ask that you and your party follow all the park rules durning your visit. If you witness someone breaking park rules or creating an unsafe environment, please report it to an Angel Ridge Race Park employee immediately.