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February 18, 2018
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Events InfoRace Rules

Your sportsmanship dictates our decisions. Your riding skills govern our classifications. We trust you will ride appropriately within your ranking. We thank you in advance for your honest participation.

1.   RIDERS MEETING after practice sessions is completed!
2.   Riders age is determined as of January 1, 2009.
3.   One machine, per class, for all motos.
4.   Modified bikes allowed in all classes but must stay within Engine Size and Machine Specifications.
5.   No pre-holding gate positions. (Unless back to back motos or double-biking)
6.   It is a rider’s responsibility to be in staging on time, and at the start gate on time. (In case of back-to-back motos or "double biking," it is the responsibility of the rider to notify officials to hold the start of the next race before the current moto starts)
7.   Only entered and checked-in riders are allowed on the race track.
8.   No practice starts.
9.   If a rider runs off the racecourse for any reason, re-entry is permitted at the closest and safest point from that exit, without improving position.
10.  YELLOW FLAG: Slow Down! Don’t Race! Maintain position; NO accelerated jumping; Use CAUTION until you pass incident!!
11. RED CROSS FLAG: Slow Down! Don’t Race! Maintain position; NO accelerated jumping; Use EXTREME CAUTION until you pass incident!!
12.  Red flagged races are the decision of officials and/or medical personal. Riders return to their respected positions at the start gate, for restart.
13.  Riders causing red flagged races will be allowed to restart at the discretion of officials and/or medical personal.
14.  A race stopped after 50% completed will be scored as finished.
15.  Race bike must cross finish line, with rider, and may be pushed across the finish line.
16.  All bikes are subject at any time to inspection, evaluation, impound, and/or teardown at the request of by an official, or riders not complying with safety guidelines, will not be allowed to participate until the situation is corrected.
17.  "Foul play" while racing or practicing will be determined and judged by officials, including decision for penalty, or disqualification.
18.  Any un-sportsman like or disorderly conducts by riders, rider’s family, rider’s friends, or rider’s "crew" is grounds for penalty, disqualification, and/or dismissal from event property, as per official decision.
19.  The following proper protective gear is required to be worn by all riders during races and practice: appropriate boots, approved helmet, pants, long-sleeved jersey, goggles, and gloves. (The following protective gear is encouraged, but optional at the riders, or guardian’s choice: chest protector, knee braces or knee cups, neck brace, elbow pads).
20.  Numbers are required to be uniform. (Number plates, helmets, etc.) Numbers not legible, unless caused by the act of racing, will not be scored or announced. Use contrasting colors.
21.  National Scoring will be used. All classes will race a minimum of two motos. Some riders in larger classes will race three motos. Each moto counts.
(1st place = 25 point; 2nd place = 22 points; 3rd place = 20 points; etc.) 1st and 2nd moto points will be added together to acquire an overall points.
The higher the overall points the better the placement. In regular 2 moto classes, the 2nd moto finish would determine your overall position in case of ties.
22.  Classes with more riders than the track can safely accommodate, will be split into divisions, and riders will race 2 motos in respective divisions, again adding scores together to acquire a single counting number. Riders scoring well would race a third final moto (run-off) to determine overall positions.
23.  NO REFUNDS after pre-race practice has started.
24.  Awards, winnings, products, prizes, etc. must be picked up at the event by recipient or representative, or be forfeited. (Trophies awarded 1st – 5th each class, each round.)(Series end trophies awarded 1st – 5th each class) (Pro Payout 200% each round)